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New Patients

COVID-19 Care options

If you are experiencing COVID-19 or other respiratory conditions such as cough, upper or lower respiratory symptoms, fever, headache, or shortness of breath, you can conduct a COVID-19 Virtual Visit.
We have several care options are available to new and established patients:
COVID-19 E-visits*
E-visits are available to new and established patients. Start an E-visit by logging into your MyKelseyOnline account or App and select the "COVID-19 E-Visit" option. You can also call 713-442-0000 for assistance scheduling a COVID-19 care appointment. 
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COVID-19 Video Visits*: Video Visits are available to new and established patients. Video Visits are conducted by a Kelsey-Seybold Clinic provider who can immediately screen for COVID-19 and, if needed, direct you to the appropriate level of care or provide a care plan, including COVID-19 testing, or sending prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice.
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COVID-19 24/7 Care Support:  Call our 24/7 Contact Center at 713-442-0000 for COVID-19 screening and care support.
* E-visit and Video Visit costs do not include the price for COVID-19 testing if further testing is needed. Depending on the care provided your insurance may be billed for more later.