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Three recommendations that will help get you headed in the right direction​

1. Do something!
Getting in shape doesn’t mean you have to start training for that next marathon. Any physical activity will help improve your heart’s condition and you can quickly build on your success. As little as 20 minutes of exercise per day can give noticeable results. Try walking, riding a bike or just taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s all good!

2. Make better food choices.

It’s important to switch to more nutritious foods and leave out the losers. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid sugary soft drinks, high-fat items, processed foods and salt. Keep a diary so you can actually see what you’re eating and make changes that will help you moderate your intake.

3. Get regular health screenings.
Starting a relationship with a primary care physician can get you on the right track with regular screenings for two conditions you may not even know you have without testing: high blood pressure and high cholesterol. With regular physicals and screenings, your doctor can help determine what your numbers are and whether you need to take action.​​