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Lens replacement corrects cataracts, astigmatism

Is there a cataract removal procedure that also improves astigmatism?

Cataract formation - the gradual clouding of a normally clear eye lens - is usually part of the aging process, but diabetes, smoking and overexposure to sunlight are known to hasten the progression. Whereas, astigmatism (often incorrectly referred to as "a stigmatism") is blurred or distorted vision due to the shape of the cornea.

"If your cornea has a baseball shape, you don't have astigmatism," Dr. Webb explains. "However, if your cornea has a football shape, it is astigmatic - and this new lens can compensate for that."

Though results may vary for some patients, the foldable replacement lens is designed to offer crisper vision and an excellent opportunity to get rid of glasses for distance visual clarity.

The surgery is an outpatient procedure lasting about 30 minutes with another hour for recovery. The patient wears an eye patch until the next day's follow-up exam.

Whether a patient is a suitable candidate for this procedure is determined during their initial appointment.

"If you have cataracts, astigmatism or other vision problems, you should meet with a qualified ophthalmologist for a comprehensive examination and discuss today's treatment options," concludes Dr. Webb, a board-certified ophthalmologist who cares for patients at Kelsey-Seybold's Main Campus.​​​

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