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​Five Reasons to Choose a Personal Physician

Read five reasons why choosing a primary care provider can improve your health.

1. Individuals who have a primary care physician are:

  • 40.5 percent more likely to have had their cholesterol checked*
  • 33 percent more likely to have been tested for diabetes*
  • 30.5 percent more likely to have received a flu shot*

2. People who receive primary care also have fewer preventable emergency room department visits and hospital admissions than those who don’t. **

3. You can e-mail your doctor’s office, schedule appointments online and more when you sign up for MyKelseyOnline.

4. ​Your Kelsey-Seybold primary care physician has access to the same electronic medical record as Kelsey-Seybold specialists, pharmacists, hospitalists and imaging and laboratory technicians, so your secure patient information follows you wherever you go.

5. Your Kelsey-Seybold primary care physician is the person who helps co-ordinate your medical care for you, prompting you to schedule important preventive measures like mammograms, bone density tests and colorectal screenings.

* Health & Place Issue 5, by Continelli, T., McGinnis, S., & Holmes, T., 2010.
** “Health Affairs: Primary Care and Why it Matters for U.S. Health System
   Reform” by Robert Phillips and Andrew w. Bazemore, May 2010.