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In certain circumstances, a post-trip doctor’s visit may be necessary.

​After you return from travel, make an appointment with your Kelsey-Seybold Travel Clinic if:​
  • ​You've spent three months or more in rural areas of the developing world, or in an area where Malaria is present.
  • You were told that you had or were suspected to have Malaria.
  • You have Malaria signs and symptoms: fever, chills, muscle ache, headache during the first two months of your return from an area where malaria is prevalent.
  • You were treated or hospitalized for any medical illness.
  • You continue to have any unusual ongoing symptoms.
  • Your activities while overseas exposed you to incr​eased health risks (e.g., healthcare workers, veterinarians, spelunkers, archaeologists).

Health Tip: Some diseases such as malaria may not become apparent until after you return from your trip. You may require a post-travel checkup. Visit your doctor or Kelsey-Seybold Travel Clinic immediately if you develop any signs of illness, especially within the first two months of your return.