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3 Ways Businesses Can Cut Waste, Fraud, and Cost

Employers, health care providers, and insurers may see employee health care from very different perspectives. But there's one thing they can agree on: health care costs are too high.


Want to know the number one factor determining hospital inpatient care cost?

At Kelsey-Seybold, there's a key person who manages a patient's transition from the primary care physician, through hospital care, discharge, and back to the primary care or outpatient specialist and home care – the hospitalist.



Mindfulness Is Key to Managing Health Care Costs

We’re taught from an early age to be “mindful” in the choices we make in our daily lives. Similarly, mindfulness is a governing principle in developing an accountable care organization (ACO).


4 Ways Employers Can Reduce High-Cost Health Care Claims

High-cost claims are the ones that involve more advanced -- and therefore more expensive -- medical treatment and lengthy hospital stays. Spending for high-cost claimants make up more than 30% of total health care spending.