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Diabetes Care Program

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John Ray, like family members before him, has Type 2 diabetes. He witnessed one family member after another struggle with devastating complications: amputation, blindness, neuropathy, heart disease, and death. But it took his diabetic brother’s hospitalization for John to get serious about diabetes. Here’s his story.
Getting started with managing diabetes is the first hurdle to clear. Believe it or not, there are several simple lifestyle changes you can make that could have a huge payoff. Kelsey-Seybold’s Dr. Victor Simms, Dr. Stephen Thomas, Dr. Linda Ly, and Certified Diabetes Educator Ann Young offer their tips.
Diabetes has the potential to affect every blood vessel within the body. Kelsey-Seybold’s Dr. Victor Simms, Dr. Linda Ly, and Dr. Stephen Thomas have seen close up what happens when diabetes isn’t well managed.