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Immediate Care and Screenings for COVID-19 Symptoms

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We're Here for You!

City of Houston Employee Hotline: Immediate Care and Screening for COVID-19 Symptoms

24/7 City of Houston Employee Hotline: 713-442-4264
Kelsey-Seybold’s dedicated COVID-19 response team of operators and nurses, supported by on-call doctors, are available 24/7 to offer Video Visits and Phone Visits to City of Houston employees during this difficult time.
COVID-19 Care Available for:
  • COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, and shortness of breath)
  • Respiratory issues
  • Or any other issues that may appear COVID-19-related.

*City of Houston employees are eligible for this service.
*Disclaimer: If you are in the Limited Plan and Kelsey-Seybold is not your current Primary Care Provider, please contact your existing Primary Care provider, Renaissance or Village Family Practice, for care.
How it Works: 
Care will be delivered via a Video Visit on your smartphone, tablet or computer, or a Telephone Visit can also be conducted.
Video Visits are accessed online through MyKelseyOnline. Our 24/7 Hotline team can schedule your visit (Video or Telephone) and will enroll anyone that does not have a MyKelseyOnline account. You can get a Video Visit on your Smartphone, iPhone, laptop and tablet.
Video Visits for COVID-19 symptoms are covered by all health plans accepted by Kelsey-Seybold. If medically appropriate, you may be referred for COVID-19 testing. Your physician will recommend a treatment plan to help treat your symptoms.