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Surgery Center

For Parents

Pre-Op instructions for Your Child

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  • Read our article on preparing your child for surgery.
  • Don’t give your child anything to eat or drink after midnight unless specified by your physician or the pre-op nurse.
  • Please bring an extra set of clothes, diapers and wipes and your child’s favorite toy or security item like a blanket or pacifier. Please bring an empty sippy cup or an empty bottle. 
  • Please make sure these are empty or your child will want to drink from them.
  • Please bring formula, milk or your child’s favorite drink
  • Parents must stay for the entire time that your child is in the Ambulatory Surgery Center.
  • Please plan on being in the Center for three to four hours.
  • We provide little cars that some children like to “drive” back to the Pre-Op area.
  • We will provide your child with a “favorite flavor” on the anesthesia mask so that they experience a pleasant smell as they are put to sleep.
  • We provide children coloring books and stickers to play with before time for their procedure.
  • We do allow both parents to come back with the child into the Pre-op and Post-Op areas.
  • We do not allow parents into the operating room.
  • We cannot allow siblings into the pre-op or post-op areas, so please make other arrangements for their care.
  • Children having tonsils or adenoids removed will recover for at least two to three hours.
  • We will allow parents back into the post-op area once your child is awake, calm and comfortable.
  • Please bring a list of your questions for your physician.

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