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Jessica Kamholz, Pharmacy Technician, Clear Lake Clinic

By leaving positive messages on her coworkers’ computers, Jessica tries to spread happiness throughout her area during her workday. If her coworkers are feeling down, she does her best to lift their spirits and be a bright light in their day. She knows that a positive work environment means better patient care, so she does her best to ensure her coworkers know they are appreciated.

How do you bring wellness into your work environment

I try to come in each day with a positive attitude and do what I can to make other people’s days better. I like to make everybody laugh at work so they can have a good day.

What prompted you to take this positive attitude within the workplace

Before joining Kelsey-Seybold, I previously worked in an environment where people were down all the time. I noticed that patient care is a lot better when everyone is in a better mood. So, I try to keep everything light.

What types of things do you do during the day to keep everyone feeling positive

I leave little positive notes at people’s computers. For example, I recently left one that said, “You are my sunshine!” When I arrive in the morning I ask, “Is everyone ready for another thrilling day?” I just try to be everybody’s “hype” person.

How do you determine who may be having a bad day and could use some encouragement

I notice when someone is having a tough time even though they may be trying not to show it. They could be more quiet than usual. At that point, I may order them a cup of coffee or leave them a note at their computer to let them know they’re doing a great job.

How does your team work together to maintain the positivity you encourage

We’ve all learned to check in with each other during the day and make sure we are all OK. We’re all willing to step in and help when and where it is needed.

When you’re having a tough day, what helps you

I try to remember that it’s temporary and will pass. I also try to remember that we don’t know what other people are going through, and it doesn’t really help to be sad or have a bad attitude with other people. This could be the worst day of their life – so you want to be understanding that everyone has a hard time once in a while. You’re not alone in it.

What do you do to relax

I like to read books and go for walks. I do a lot of gardening – I have a cactus garden with 35 plants that I work on. It helps to relieve stress.

What is the best thing to you about working at Kelsey-Seybold?

The employee environment is really great – everybody gets along. We’re all really friendly. I’ve worked for Kelsey-Seybold for a year, and it’s been a really great company to work for.