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Dawn Lyman, LVN, Neurology, Berthelsen Main Campus, Ft. Bend Clinic, Katy Clinic

When her clothes began feeling tight, Dawn decided to try a weight loss method that had worked for her in the past … WW (Weight Watchers reimagined). The new, digital version of the weight loss tool makes it easy for her to find recipes, keep a food diary, and plan her meals. With the help of Weight Watchers, she has not only met her weight loss goals – she has exceeded them!

Why did you decide to improve your health?

My clothes weren’t fitting right, they were getting too tight and uncomfortable, so in January 2020 I joined WW. I use their app on my phone – it’s all digital so I don’t attend meetings or anything like that. It’s awesome.

How does the digital plan work?

I pay monthly. Everything I eat is assigned a point value. I am allotted a certain number of points per day and an extra number of points I can use throughout the week. I record what I eat in the app, and I can scan items in the grocery store to see how many points they are worth when I am shopping. By using WW, I have lost 34 pounds.

Why did you choose Weight Watchers as opposed to another type of plan?

It’s based in science. I had done it in the past and lost 20 pounds – but that was before the app. It’s definitely better now. To me, it is sustainable – you aren’t restricting yourself. I don’t consider it a diet; it’s a lifestyle change.

Do you meal prep or meal plan?

The app has a lot recipes I can use, and I do meal plan. I keep my breakfast low in points, so I’ll eat oatmeal and coffee. For lunch I may have a turkey wrap with goat cheese and vegetables. On Saturdays I meal plan my dinners by using the Weight Watchers app. That way, dinner is already planned out during the week. Chicken has zero points, so I’ll have a chicken recipe two or three nights week. There is also a cheese ravioli recipe that I really like. There are so many choices!

What was your weight loss goal?

I actually reached my goal weight in the first six months. I weighed 178 pounds, and I wanted to be at 150 pounds. I’ve actually lost an additional six pounds, so I am below my initial goal. My new goal is to be at 140 pounds, which would give me some wiggle room while remaining within a healthy BMI. The upside with the weight loss is that I get to buy new clothes! The downside is that you have to have extra money to buy new clothes!

Did you add any fitness into your new lifestyle?

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m into fitness. I live in the country, so there isn’t any place to walk. And I’m too tired after work to join a gym, so I’m really just concentrating on WW. I just love it!