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Rachel McCleary

Nonsurgical permanent birth control procedure to patients.

​After the ​birth of her son in 2003, Rachel McCleary knew that her family was complete and began to contemplate permanent birth control options. She was concerned about the reported growing risks associated with long-term use of oral contraceptives and the burden of having to take the medication every day – and at the same time every day.

Until recently, Rachel believed that her only option for permanent birth control was tubal ligation – a costly surgical procedure which would require time off from work for recovery. 

Jagjit Khairah, D.O., an OB/GYN physician at Kel​sey-Seybold Clinic Fort Bend Medical and Diagnostic Center and an Essure®-certified doctor met with Rachel and discussed the advantages and risks of Essure® – a solution for women seeking permanent birth control who prefer a minimally invasive procedure as opposed to having surgery. 

Essure® is a nonsurgical and hormone-free permanent birth control option. This procedure is available to women today and can be performed in a qualified doctor’s office in about 10 minutes. 

“The Essure® procedure was so much easier than I imagined and pain free. Dr. Khairah and his nurses were constantly checking on me, helping ensure that I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Every step was comfortable and the time I had to spend at the clinic was minimal.

Rachel’s recovery time passed quickly and included a short nap after the procedure. In fact, she didn’t even have the painkiller prescription filled. 

“I was so glad to find a physician who was willing to take the time to talk with me about my options for permanent birth control and a physician practice that was run so efficiently. Dr. Khairah was never rushed and wanted to make sure that I understood the advantages and risks of all of my options before I made a decision.”

Dr. Khairah’s special Essure® certification and his willingness to discuss all of options available to Rachel helped her make an informed decision that saved her discomfort, time and money – all while achieving better results. ​