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Tally Perez

MyKelseyOnline makes it easy for busy moms to email their doctors, schedule appointments and access medical records.
Busy moms everywhere are trying to simplify their complicated lives. Tally Perez is one of those moms. Juggling responsibilities as a respected professional in her field, caring for three young children and maintaining a home keep this active mom busy. Communicating with her family’s Kelsey-Seybold doctors, scheduling appointments and accessing medical records has never been easier or more convenient. See what she has to say about MyKelseyOnline.​

What is MyKelseyOnline?
MyKelseyOnline is a private and secure way to connect with your clinic and doctors.

Learn how MyKelseyOnline makes it easy for our patients to schedule appointments online, send secure messages to their physician's nurse support staff and more!​

Why Choose Kelsey-Seybold?