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Kimi Lyons

​​​​Kimi Lyons was at her wits’ – and health’s – end. She was dealing with complications related to multiple and complex health disorders. Her weight had dropped to a dangerous 88 pounds.

“I had worked with so many different specialists and wasn’t getting noticeably better. It was imperative I find an Internal Medicine physician with the competence and knowledge to manage all aspects of the wide array and challenging health needs I had. I was blessed to find Doctor (Steffanie) Campbell at Kelsey-Seybold’s Pearland Clinic,” Kimi explained. “Doctor Campbell was practicing medicine for a purpose – and I was that purpose. She is the epitome of what good medicine could – and should be.”

Dr. Campbell worked with Kimi to help restore much of her health and get her weight to a healthier, more acceptable range.

Kimi sums-up how she feels about the healthcare she received from Dr. Campbell: “I would follow Doctor Campbell to the ends of the earth. Thank you, Kelsey-Seybold.”