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Karen Taylor

Cancer Center Made Her Feel Like a Person

​​Although there are choices for cancer care in Houston, when Karen Taylor found out she had breast cancer, there was only one place she considered for her treatment: the Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center. She said it turned out to be one of the smartest decisions she’s made.

"I am so happy that I went to Kelsey-Seybold, where I felt like a person as opposed to a number. You’re going to get the same treatment and drugs wherever you go, so the difference is the experience or environment. Unless I had a rare form of cancer, I would not go anyplace else," Karen said.

From the moment cancer was detected by mammogram, Karen received personal care, starting with a Cancer Center breast specialist who sat down with her to go over the results and answer her questions.

A team of Kelsey-Seybold specialists and nurses assigned to her care coordinated her treatment and supported her every step of the way as she underwent chemotherapy, double-mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

"I was very impressed with the doctors. They listened to me. They answered all my questions. My mom and sister went with me and they answered all their questions. They really took the time to be there for me," she recalled.

As for who was the most influential in her care, she replied, "All of them. I’d say it was a group effort. My oncologist, my breast surgeon Dr. Jonathan Nelson, my reconstruction surgeon, and of course all of the wonderful nurses all worked together to make sure I got the care that was best for me," Karen said.

This high-touch approach to Karen’s care was instrumental in making her feel comfortable and confident.

"I didn’t feel stressed, anxious or scared. They were always checking on me to make sure I was okay. I knew everyone by name and they knew mine, from the receptionist on up. Everybody was extremely great!" she said.

Karen also liked the convenience of the Cancer Center and patient amenities.

"The Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center is easy to get to, and you don’t have to pay for parking,” she said. "When I came in, they were ready for me. They were punctual – it was great! It worked with my schedule, too!"​