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Irma Meadows

A New Shoulder and a New Lease on Life

Arthritis had settled into Irma Meadows left shoulder causing excruciating pain. An active, young 71 year old, she didn’t like that shoulder problems were putting limits on her lifestyle.  A 30-years-plus patient at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, she decided the time had come to do something about it and underwent shoulder replacement. Because she did, she’s now back to enjoying time in the pool, traveling and socializing with friends.

“The pain in my shoulder had progressively worsened to the point where I couldn’t sleep at night unless I propped my left arm on a pillow. After a while, that didn’t even help anymore.  The pain was so excruciating it would wake me up at night.”

Two coworkers at the city of Pearland told Irma they’d been under Dr. Anup Shah’s care and were impressed by him.

​​Dr. Shah Was the Surgeon She Wanted

​​She scheduled an appointment with Dr. Shah and after meeting him, knew he was the one she wanted to do her surgery.

“I had researched a couple of other doctors, but Dr. Shah just appealed to me. He took the time to explain to me what was going to happen – I felt very comfortable going to Dr. Shah,” she recalled.

Still, she was apprehensive about the surgery going in. Even though everything looked good, she was nervous.

“I was looking down at my hands and Dr. Shah came up to me and said, ‘Miss Meadows, look at me.’ And I looked up. He put his hands on my wrists and said, ‘Miss Meadows, I want you to trust me. You’re going to be perfectly fine and this is going to go perfectly well.  Trust me because I’m going to take care of you.’ Those words were so comforting.  I just felt in my heart he was going to make me a new person with a new shoulder,” Irma said.

The surgery lasted about five hours. Dr. Shah performed a total shoulder replacement. In the procedure, he cut the diseased bone, removed it, and inserted a metal implant and plastic component in place of the arthritic bone.

​An ‘Awesome’ Surgeon

​​​​​The surgery went as expected.  When Irma came out of the anesthesia, for the first time in a long time she didn’t have any pain. She was surprised by how well and how quickly she healed.

“You wouldn’t believe how good my shoulder is today!  I feel like I have a new arm! It feels wonderful. I’m pain-free and sleep at night, and I’m back to a full range of motion,” Irma said. “I highly recommend Dr. Shah and Kelsey-Seybold.  Dr. Shah is not only detail-oriented, but he’s mild-mannered. He has a good bedside manner. He was just wonderful the whole entire time. He’s kind and explains everything in detail. I just cannot say enough about Dr. Shah. He’s just awesome!”​