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Cynthia Howard

Life after breast cancer isn't the same—it's better.

​“With a new appreciation for life, I regularly give back to the community by serving as an advocate to survivors and their families. My mission is to enlighten and educate the public on the importance of breast cancer. Early detection is key to a healthy life after cancer. I now live life to the fullest and thank God for each day.”

Cynthia Howard’s breast cancer is in her past, but some of her best friends have come from the Kelsey Seybold Breast Cancer Support Group, and she works hard to educate others about prevention.

“Spending time with my breast cancer friends has been most rewarding. Breast cancer has taken me to places I would not have gone and allowed me to meet people I would not have met, and it’s been wonderful. It’s just like having a second family.  Only the small stuff matters. Today is the present, tomorrow is the future and yesterday is the past.  All I know is I must keep moving and enjoying this life to the fullest.”