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Dr Kelsey

Messages from Colleagues

November 12, 2013

St. Luke's mourns today's passing of healthcare visionary, Dr. Mavis Kelsey Sr., Founder of the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, who died late this morning at the age of 101.  Dr. Kelsey pioneered a philosophy of high-quality, coordinated, care that has endured for six decades and which has been recognized as America's first Accountable Care Organization. 

Over the years, Dr. Kelsey has stood at the crossroads of many key strategic decisions that have impacted the St. Luke's Health System.  Dr. Kelsey stands alongside other famed Texas Medical Center luminaries like Drs. Cooley, Debakey and Duke, who through their talents, insights and determination shaped the landscape of healthcare in Houston.  Dr. Kelsey's impact on the innumerable patients of this community as a physician, philanthropist and leader will be greatly missed. 

Cliff Robertson, MD
President & CEO
St. Luke's Health System



Dr. Kelsey made important contributions to the development of MD Anderson Cancer Center. He was a close colleague of R. Lee Clark, the institution's first president, and helped to shape the use of radioactive chemicals to diagnose and treat cancer. He was the first head of Endocrinology and the first physician in Texas to treat thyroid cancer with radioactive iodine, now the standard of care for treatment of this cancer type. He was innovative and creative, suffusing every interaction with his wit and humor. We will miss him.

Robert F. Gagel, MD
Professor & Head, Division of Internal Medicine