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Kelsey-Seybold Primary Care – Rumana Hoque, MD Kelsey-Seybold Primary Care – Rumana Hoque, MD

Your First Line of Defense

Our primary care physicians take a proactive approach to your health.

Primary Care

We provide compassionate primary care focused on prevention for all ages.

Did you know the simple act of selecting a primary care physician can help improve your overall health and reduce your risk of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer?

Because a primary care physician (PCP) is the first line of defense in medical care and is usually the first to diagnose a health problem, people who regularly see their PCP are more likely to:

  • Have better control over their cholesterol levels
  • Catch diabetes in their early stages when it’s easiest to manage
  • Avoid flu infection by becoming vaccinated
  • Have fewer preventable emergency room visits and hospital admissions

At Kelsey-Seybold, we believe that a proactive approach to your healthcare is one of the most significant things you can do to live a longer, healthier life. Your PCP helps coordinate your medical care and encourages you to take important preventive measures, such as mammograms, bone density tests, and colorectal cancer screenings. Choosing a primary care physician improves your chances for better long-term health.

Plus, your Kelsey-Seybold primary care physician has access to the same electronic medical record as Kelsey-Seybold specialists, pharmacists, hospitalists, and imaging and laboratory technicians, so your secure patient information follows you wherever you go.

We make scheduling easy for you

You can schedule appointments through our secure patient portal, MyKelseyOnline, or call our 24/7 Contact Center at 713-442-0427. Virtual Visit options are also available to all new and current patients.