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Past Webinars

Diabetes: How to Maintain Healthy Habits | Webinar | Kelsey-Seybold
RD Ronda Elsenbrook explains what foods you should include in your diabetic diet, and what exercises you should be doing to manage your diabetes.
5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Better | Webinar Wednesday | Kelsey-Seybold
Getting your kids to eat better can be tricky, but worth it in the long-term! Kelsey-Seybold pediatrician Dr. Jessica Lanerie will go over some tips on how to get your kids on a healthier eating path.
Webinar Wednesday | Back to School | Kelsey-Seybold
Pediatrician physician Dr. Erin Eckhart goes over 3 tips to help ease into the new school year.
Prolapse, Incontinence, and UTIs | Webinar Wednesday | Kelsey-Seybold
Prolapse, incontinence and UTI’s can be an uncomfortable conversation but an even bigger inconvenience on your day to day life.Today’s speaker, Urologist Dr. Benjamin Dillon will go over information about what could be going on down there.
The Fraxel Solution to Acne Scars
Kelsey-Seybold dermatologist Sue Ann Douglas give a comprehensive overview of the revolutionary Fraxel laser treatment for skin rejuvenation.
Webinar Wednesday | Exercising the Safe Way | Kelsey-Seybold
Kelsey-Seybold sports medicine physician Ije Nwaeze, MD, outlines 7 ways to exercise safely and still get the results you want.
Webinar Wednesday | April 2016 | Kelsey Seybold
Kelsey-Seybold allergy specialist, Dr. Lyndall Harrison, outlines what you need to know for the upcoming allergy season.
10 Healthy Eating Habits | Webinar Wednesday | Kelsey-Seybold
Registered Dietitian Chris Nixon goes over 10 basic rules for a healthier nutrition regiment in her presentation, “Eat Good, Look Good, Feel Good: 10 Healthy Eating Habits.”
Heart to Heart How to Keep It Pumping
Pearland, TX Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Steffanie Campell outlines what you need to do to keep your heart healthy this year.
The Best and Worst Foods for a Diabetes Diet | Webinar Wednesday | Kelsey-Seybold
Registered Dietitian, Humaira Maqbool, reviews which foods you should and should not include in a Diabetic diet.
Eat This, Not That: Dining Out With Diabetes | Webinar Wednesday | Kelsey-Seybold
Registered Dietitian Ronda Elsenbrook, gives tips and advice on how to eat out if you have Diabetes.
New Diabetic Treatment Options | Webinar Wednesday | Kelsey-Seybold
Kelsey-Seybold physician, Tom Thomas, D.O. talks about the new insulins and diabetic treatments available for diabetic patients.
Webinar - Common Sports Injuries - Kelsey-Seybold Clinic
Dr. Walker outlines how to prepare for a workout, and make sure your body stays in top shape.
Webinar Wednesday | Menopause | July 2015 | Kelsey-Seybold Clinic
Kelsey-Seybold Clinic OB/GYN physician, Dr. Deepali Patni talks about the facts of menopause. She gives insight on what to expect, the symptoms and how to relieve those symptoms in her July 8 Webinar Wednesday presentation.
Webinar | Travel Medicine 101 | June 2015 | Kelsey-Seybold